A Framework Like No Other

Webplate is an awesome front-end framework that lets you stay focused on building your site or app all the while remaining really easy to use

Start By Simply Getting It

Webplate is a free UX project bringing the best of the web together into one great package. Download the zip file below, or if you really want to get into the nuts and bolts then fork the project on github.

Bower Install

Webplate has been registered on Bower and will install the latest stable release. This is a great way to maintain and mange Webplate but note that your project folder will need to be backed up and copied back. Each new Bower update will write over your current project directory which is kind of a bad thing. To install, run the following command.

bower install webplate

What Is Included?

Everything from a robust responsive layout engine, to global button elements, customizable forms, simple modals and support for icon fonts. Webplate includes jQuery, Modernizr, Velocity.js, Hammer.js and Typeplate by default and has a ton of extra tools and features to access. Best of all these elements will look and act the same on all devices.

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UI Kits

Webplate is a great foundation upon which you build your site or app, UI Kits are the cool facades you can include to get you building quickly. In some ways they are a kind of theme but ultimatly its a set of styles and interactions that react to certain Webplate classes and events.

Within every UI kit is CSS that will style common Webplate elements like the navigation, modals or text and a script file to control some interactions. They also include HTML templates that allow you to create a component that is specific to the kit. You can build entire sites using a UI Kit but invariably you will still need to include project files as each project is different. A good example is this Webplate site that uses the already included Stripe UI Kit. As a result only a small 8KB project css file was written with the rest being managed by the kit.

Introducing Plugins

All the plugins below are a part of Webplate by default but have been extracted out as separate lightweight files that you can use in other projects. Click on the links below to see how they are implemented.