What to Do When Visiting Singapore

Singapore is filled with many fascinating attractions for travelers. You will find no shortage of things to keep you busy, but the following few are non-negotiable experiences when visiting Singapore.

Visit the Singapore Zoo: Unlike many zoos seen around the world, this one is home to over 2800 residents in some of the world’s best-designed enclosures. Many of the attractions and enclosures encourage interaction, with animals such as orangutans, flying foxes from Malaysia, or a complete replica of an African village to explore. These kinds of features are spread out over a site of 26 hectares on a peninsula that emerges into the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

See the Singapore Botanic Gardens: Although the zoo is considered part botanic gardens and part zoo due to how its enclosures are designed, these true botanic gardens are not to be forgotten about. They are a must see when you’re visiting Singapore. It spans 74-hectares that make up a Unesco World Heritage Site. It was created in 1860 and showcases many themed gardens alongside lakes and endless lawns. It is also the home of the National Orchid Garden, and one of its rainforest garden sites is home to over 300 species of vegetation that over half of which are currently considered rare within Singapore.

Visit the Gardens by the Bay: This botanic garden claims 101 hectares and a billion dollar production cost, which many people feel is underrated for the experience. There are numerous sculptures, super-trees, and bio-domes that seem as if they were produced in the space age. For example, both the Flower Dome and Cloud domes are popular. One displays the Mediterranean climates around the world, while the other features a waterfall and montane inspired views. A famous stopping point here is the OCBC Skyway, which allows visitors to see an incredible amount of the gardens, the city of Singapore, and the South China Sea. Each evening, there is also a Garden Rhapsody show that has been deemed extraordinary to see.

See the famous mural: The Thian Hock Keng Mural, located on the fear facing wall of the Thian Hock Keng Temple, spans an impressive forty-four meters. It was painted by Yip Yew Chong, a Singaporean artist, and communicates the story of some early immigrants to Singapore, the Hokkien. It displays their story in chronological order, beginning on the right end, from when the Hokkien left China to when they arrived in Singapore.

Tour the Asian Civilizations Museum: Occupying the Empress Place Building, this museum was designed by a British architect, John Frederick Adolphus McNair. It is the home of the most comprehensive collection of the region, showcasing thousands of piece of pan-Asian history. It touches on each of the religions and cultures of China, Southeast Asia, Islamic West Asia and the Asian subcontinent as a whole, displaying numerous connections across the cultures. These connections were created by the history of being a port city that Singapore claims.

Singapore is jam-packed with things to do and serves as a beautiful multicultural hub that has only continued to grow with wonders that are home to it alone. People travel to explore and try to understand different cultures and heritages, which makes the city of Singapore a must visit.