Quick Ways To Clear A Toilet Bowl Choke Without A Plumber

Stuck, choked, plugged and disgusting, those are the words that flow through your mind when you walk into the bathroom and discover the toilet won’t flush. How can you get you to get toilet unplugged before your floor ends up covered in dirty water?

The Plunger – This is the number one choice of everyone when it comes to getting rid of a toilet bowl choke. There are two basic kinds of plungers, one designed for sinks and one for toilets. You want to make sure you have one designed for your toilet before you get started.

You can tell the difference in the plungers for their shape. A toilet bowl plunger features an extended flange to reach slightly into the toilets drain and sealing it. A plunger for a sink or bathtub has a smooth cup with no flange.

Push the plunger into the toilet’s drain and then push forcibly to try to unstick the clog. The clog usually consists of fecal matter and toilet paper. A few quick pushes on a plunger will often loosen the drain and have your toilet flushing properly.

If you notice your plunger is not getting a tight enough seal, you can use this old plumber’s trick. Put a little Vaseline (petroleum jelly) around the edge of the plunger. This can help improve the seal and let you clear the drain.

NOTE: Do not put chemicals in your toilet bowl to clear a clog. They can splash onto your skin or eyes easily causing injuries. Chemicals and plungers must NEVER be used together.

Hot Water Trick – Since most choked toilets are caused by tissue paper and waste, hot water can be magical. The hot water causes the paper to soften and dissolve and will make the poop softer, too. This allows the drain to open for the next flush. You can use the hot water to soften the plug and then use the plunger to quickly open the drain.

Homemade Drain Cleaner – If you want to try something a little more aggressive, while avoiding dangerous chemicals, you can mix your own drain cleaner. Use 1 cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar. Allow the ingredients to soak in the toilet bowl for at least 15 minutes, then use hot water to flush the mixture down the drain. This combination can help soften organic waste allowing the drain to clear. It is safe to use the plunger after using this mixture.

ShopVac – Do you have a ShopVac out in the garage? We suggest using this idea as a last resort prior to calling a plumber. You can use the ShopVac’s hose to attempt to vacuum out water and waste to clear the plug. This works great when the choked drain is caused by a stuffed animal or toy. The suction will grab onto the item allowing you to pull it out, instead of pushing it further down the drain.

Snakes and Plumbers – If you have a short hand-snake for clearing drains, you can give it a try. This metal cable will attempt to unblock the drain but is usually not long enough for deeper issues.

When everything else fails, it is time to call a plumber. Your choked toilet may not be caused by an issue near the home. It could be caused by an obstruction in the sewage line. If you notice other drains are not working, it indicates the issue is not at the toilet, but further down the line. This is the time a professional plumber is needed. They can use their powered snake to clean the drain and can check to make sure the sewage line is not damaged.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you unchoke your toilet without needing to call the plumber. To learn more, you can contact sg1 plumber.

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